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A part of U7 since the very beginning, British designer Ray Harris' garments transcend time and trend. They can be worn for day and evening, special events and just because. With boots, sneakers or your dressiest heels you will feel like a queen in his clothes, as much as you will feel like yourself. Lush fabrics in a rainbow of your choice of nearly forty colors, customizable necklines, hemlines and lengths are all available to you. These are pieces that travel easily and will become a staple of your wardrobe for many years of wear and enjoyment.

Berlin based Rundholz is comprised of three lines: Collection, Dip, and Black Label, offering three unique collections each season from prolific designer Carsten Rundholz. Color, fabric treatment, shapes and subject are just some of the tools Rundholz has played with to create a DNA that is unmistakably his: a modern, architectural, and dynamic look that will always get you noticed. 

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At 80 years old, legendary Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo has said she is no longer designing clothes. In fact, she has been saying this for many years and yet she is still making them. If you have encountered her pieces you can infer that what she does goes beyond constructing simple garments. She's making clothing and spaces (she is also the owner of brick and mortar Dover Street Markets around the globe,) that are a statement. No one can argue that wearing one of her pieces is a conversation starter and each of them, from the simplest skirt to the most ornate coat, is a work of art made by one of fashions most important artists.



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