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What seemingly began seventeen years ago when Ricki Peltzman set up shop in a small corner of an art gallery up some stairs on 7th St., actually started a century before. Ricki comes from a family of retailers and is the fourth generation to carry the torch. Her daughter Katy Klassman joined her in Washington and at U7 eight years ago. Both have decades long careers in retail that culminate in the newest iteration of Upstairs on 7th, situated in the lobby of the iconic Warner Theater Building.

The centerpiece of the boutique is our community of clients: fascinating women from Washington and well beyond, who appreciate wearing clothes that defy trend and who never mind standing out in a crowd.

We seek out an ever-changing roster of lines that come from around the world and look for designers who are curious, inventive, passionate, meticulous and most of all kind and like to have fun. We have relationships with them and consider them our partners and many of them friends. 

As the boutique has evolved, we have sought out accessories and gifts that share the same DNA as the garments. If we are doing our job well, there will always be something at U7 that you've never seen before, an element of surprise and the perfect something for the person who has everything, even better if that person is you!


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Katy Klassman



Ricki Peltzman


Owner Emeritus


ring: (202) 894-3023


Barbara Cuttriss

Sales Associate

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