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Our speaker series has brought noteworthy experts, authors, and people in the know to Upstairs on 7th on topics of fashion, politics, medicine, music, history, and food. We have had the pleasure of welcoming Diane Rehm, Rita Braver, April Ryan, Mike Berman, Gayle Smith, Robin Givhan, Peter Hart, Ysaye Barnwell, MT Connelly, Ruth Marcus, and many other fascinating guests to answer our questions and yours off the record, a rare occurrence and opportunity in DC. 


Coming soon...

Our dining room table serves as a place for a change of scenery and a space for writing, reading, and/or drawing. It's a perfect spot to have a quick lunch or linger over a cup of coffee (BYO-food/drinks, and if it's bubbly, you might want to share a sip with your faithful proprietor). It's open to you as long there are seats, so come pull up a chair. You never know who you might meet. Great friendships and collaborations are a part of the history at U7 and the table is the place to carry that into the future. You may even find Ricki there testing out a new puzzle and offering fashion advice!


Do you have an idea for an event or a cause that you love? A new chef that you would like to support or a small group you would like to host? Do you want to invite your friends for drinks and shopping? We would be glad to work with you to see if our space is a fit for your proposal (ps-the answer is a definite yes to that last question!)

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